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Kaaiaa Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
Kaaiaa Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

    Men's Pelvic Physiotherapy

    Men have pelvic issues and we are here to solve them. If you are experiencing any of the below mentioned issues, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy can help, alongside any medical interventions that have been prescribed. If you have any questions, please book a free phone consult.

    Pelvic Pain

    Low back, hip, tailbone, sciatica, pubic, groin, testicular, lower abdominal, buttock, anal or prostate related pain.  Basically, any pain around the trunk and "down there".

    Bladder Issues

    Bladder urgency, frequency, leakage, retention, incomplete emptying, dribbling after urination, post-prostate surgery leakages. If you feel you have to go to the bathroom a lot OR it's not coming out properly, there is help.

    Bowel Issues

    Bowel urgency, frequency, leakage, retention, constipation.

    Sexual Issues

    Erectile dysfunction, pain after orgasm/with erection, hard flaccid syndrome.

    Please note that Pelvic Physiotherapy MAY include an internal examination, which is done rectally. However, we have treated many patients in person with external techniques or online/virtually, so rest assured that an internal examination is not required in the first appointment. 

    Having said this,  many male patients have tried other forms of therapy far too long without adequate results and do come for Pelvic Physiotherapy specifically for the internal component. If this is you, we will perform a rectal examination with your consent so that we can figure out why you are having the symptoms and give adequate treatment. 

    If you do opt for external assessment and treatment but your symptoms are not improving, we usually recommend an internal examination the second or third visit. If your symptoms are improving by the second or third visit, we may not require this. It really depends on how your body responds to treatment and this will dictate how many visits you will require as well. Be prepared to leave with an exercise program to follow diligently at home until the next time you see your therapist in clinic. Questions? We are available via the site chat or phone for a free consult.