Kaaiaa Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

    The Pelvic Floor Therapy Wand

    Innovative design for hard to reach spots

    Behold the pelvic floor wand. You might have been told your pelvic floor is tight, has trigger points, or to do perineal massage to help reduce tearing during childbirth. That massaging 'down there' will be beneficial for pelvic pain, pain with sex, urinary urgency, frequency, hip and pubic pain. But...what if reaching down there is hard? Or... the spots that are tight are way inside the vaginal canal? OR...your pregnancy belly doesn't let you reach down there? And, finally, if there is no one to help or you don't want anyone to help?

    This is where the pelvic therapy wand comes in. Shaped with a curve to get into the muscle and for easier hold, it can reach spots that your fingers can't with comfort. Avoid straining your wrist and holding your breath to reach down there. 

    Scared? Don't be. Only the first few centimeters go in, the rest is for holding so you can access the muscles. 

    NOTE: Recommended to use with the guidance of your pelvic floor physiotherapist for safety.

    To purchase your wand, please e-mail hello@kaaiaa.co for pickup in clinic or to arrange delivery outside of Calgary.

    Price: $55.00